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Matthew Feargrieve

Investment management consultant

Matthew Feargrieve is an investment management professional who works with managers of investment funds in all industry sectors, investment strategies and asset classes.


This website showcases his experience accumulated over his career in investment funds consultancy, and his industry commentary, in connection with investment trusts, mutual funds and ETFs, as well as private investment vehicles pursuing alternative strategies.


Matthew Feargrieve advised fund managers for more than twenty years as an investment management consultant on matters ranging from fund vehicle establishment, to capital raising, through portfolio transactional activity, to investor exit, return of capital and wind-down.

In addition to specialised investment management solutions and services, Matthew Feargrieve provided general support to investment management professionals and vendors.

Matthew Feargrieve routinely arranged Cayman Islands and British Virgin Islands professional assistance for fund managers on a range of corporate and commercial matters, in particular the formation of investment funds. By calling on his offshore network of professional services and fiduciary services providers, Matthew arranged local support in those jurisdictions, as well as in other offshore and quasi-offshore centres in use by the asset management industry on both sides of the Atlantic.

Members of the investment management community who have benefited from Matthew's investment funds consultancy and professional expertise include fund managers, asset managers, family offices, institutional investors, institutional allocators, private equity firms, general partners, investment advisory committees, venture capitalists, government and sovereign wealth funds, private label sponsors, and cloud funded start-ups and SMEs.


Matthew has routinely interfaced with third party investment fund service providers such as prime brokerage firms, brokers, fund administrators, management companies, investment advisors, valuation agents and clearing agents. 


Matthew has acted in the capacity of non-executive director on the boards of investment funds and general partner entities, in so doing providing an invaluable liaison between the fund's manager and its investors, in an environment of increasing and ever-changing corporate governance regulations both onshore and offshore in the world of investment management.  

Investors in collective investment vehicles and various kinds of structured investment products have frequently benefited from Matthew's extensive experience in  matters such as subscriptions and redemptions, share class selection, side letters and relations - including disputes - with the fund's manager and general partner.

When he is not advising fund managers, Matthew Feargrieve blogs for a following of retail investors on topical issues relevant to their investment in mutual funds, investment trusts and exchange traded funds (ETFs). He also collaborates with taxation specialists to comment on maximising all tax efficiencies that are available to investors and their investment products, including ISAs and SIPPs in the United Kingdom. You can read the latest Matthew Feargrieve articles by clicking the Publications tab here.

As well as writing investor blogs, Matthew Feargrieve contributes his experienced views and thought-leadership to investment management journals and periodicals. He is regularly invited to write and speak about  investment funds and asset management. You can see Matthew's scheduled event and conference engagements by clicking the News tab here.   


You can contact Matthew Feargrieve at using the email contact form here.

MF Consultancy Expertise
  • Fund structuring​

  • Product structuring

  • Domicile choice

  • Liquidity management

  • Portfolio activity

  • Investor relations

MF Consultancy News

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