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Matthew Feargrieve

Investment management consultant

Matthew Feargrieve is an investment management consultant with more than twenty years' experience of advising managers of investment funds operating in the leading jurisdictions of the United Kingdom, Luxembourg, Ireland and the Cayman Islands.

Fund managers of closed- and open- ended funds (UCITs and non-UCITs) operating in all asset classes and across a spectrum of investment strategies (both retail and alternative) have relied on Matthew's investment funds consultancy for assistance in a wide range of matters and in connection with a wide range of investment fund lifecycle issues. These have spanned domicile choice and vehicle structuring, capital raising and liquidity management and ultimately wind-down.


As a veteran of the financial crises of 2010 and 2020, Matthew Feargrieve is additionally an expert in crisis management and reputational issues relevant to fund managers in the form of investor relations and capital preservation in times of draw-down and illiquidity in the midst of volatile equity and bond markets.

Matthew has formulated for investment managers all of the key documentation required by their investment funds, including the prospectus and offering documents, sub-fund supplements, Key Information sheets, the fund's constitutional documents, investment management and advisory agreements, and investor side letters.


Matthew has collaborated with third-party vendors and fund service providers when reviewing the fund's administration, custody and prime brokerage agreements. With a background in M&A, Matthew has also advised on portfolio transactional activities. He has a particular interest in commercial air transportation management and associated regulatory matters. 

His extensive experience of advising fund managers has made Matthew Feargrieve a valued member of the boards of investment funds in various jurisdictions, on which he has acted in a non-executive capacity. 


He is qualified as a corporate and commercial attorney in several jurisdictions. He is also professionally familiar with the regulation of investment funds and management companies based in Luxembourg and Ireland.

Matthew Feargrieve has worked for leading financial services firms and boutique investment management consultancy firms alike, both in the UK and in Switzerland. 

Matthew brings to bear his prior experience of working in the investment funds industry as an investment management consultant to provide widely read commentary on the major aspects of financial planning and personal finance that are of topical interest to investors in retail investment funds like mutual funds, investment trusts and ETFs.


You can read the latest Matthew Feargrieve blogs and articles, which will be of especial relevance to all investors of pension funds, retirement plans, ISAs and SIPPs, on this website by clicking here



Matthew Feargrieve investment funds consultant
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