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MF Consultancy Expertise

Fund structuring


Formation of all types of open- and closed- ended investment fund vehicles.


Product structuring


Investment fund structuring:

- single manager funds

- multi-manager funds/FoFs

- master/feeder funds

- multi-class/multi-strategy funds

- side-by-side funds

- private label funds

- family funds. 

Domicile choice


Analysis of the needs that drive structure and domicile choice of the investment fund, including:


- strategy liquidity

- profile target investor base

- regulatory requirements (AIFMD, FATCA).


Liquidity management


Analysis of key liquidity management techniques throughout the lifecycle of the investment fund:


- redemption notice periods

- gates

- lock-ups

- NAV and dealing suspensions

- side pockets

- wind-down and liquidation.



Portfolio activity


Implementation and documentation of portfolio transactions:


- share or asset acquisition/disposals

- investor circulars

- board resolutions

- due diligence on investments

- listing and exchange notifications. 

Investor relations


Matters relevant to investors of funds:


- review of offering memoranda

- fees, liquidity restrictions, etc

- regulatory checks on manager

- due diligence reports on funds and manager

- negotiation of side letters

- advice on disputes and class rights. 

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